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Neonatal Unit Family Planning Clinic   Operating Theater
Neonatal Unit
Family Planning Clinic
Operating Theater

We Provide the Best Healthcare Service

911 Direct prioritizes patient well-being, accessibility, and high-quality care. At our clinic, we have a compassionate and patient-centered environment where individuals feel heard, respected, and supported throughout their healthcare journey.

Trusted by Medical Aid Providers

We have built a strong relationship with all medical aid providers that is based on open communication and ethical practices ensures that patients receive the highest standard of care. By consistently demonstrating integrity, accountability, and efficient coordination, healthcare providers can instill confidence in their ability to deliver effective and compassionate medical aid services, ultimately benefiting the well-being of those they serve.

Trusted by Other Service Providers

By consistently demonstrating integrity, accountability, and efficient coordination, other service providers instill confidence in their ability to deliver effective services, that benefits all our patients at 911 Direct.

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Your Health is Our Concern

“Your Health is Our Concern” reflects our unwavering commitment to prioritize your well-being. We strive to provide personalized and comprehensive care, focusing on prevention, early intervention, and evidence-based treatments. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals is dedicated to understanding your unique needs, empowering you to make informed decisions, and supporting you throughout your health journey.

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Why Choose Our Services?

Choosing our healthcare services means selecting a trusted partner that delivers exceptional care. Our commitment to expertise, compassion, and innovation ensures personalized treatment, positive outcomes, and a patient-centered experience you can rely on.

Expert Doctors

Our expert doctors bring extensive knowledge, experience, and skill to provide top-notch medical care and ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Emergency Care

Our emergency care services are prompt, efficient, and dedicated to providing immediate and life-saving interventions when time is critical.

Latest Technology

Our utilization of the latest healthcare technology empowers us to deliver advanced diagnostics, precise treatments, and improved patient outcomes.

Affordable Consultation

We prioritize affordability by offering competitive consultation fees, ensuring that quality healthcare remains accessible and within reach for everyone.

Our team of experts are experienced

Our team of experienced medical professionals comprises highly skilled and compassionate individuals dedicated to delivering top-quality care. With their extensive expertise, continuous training, and commitment to patient well-being, they ensure that you receive the best possible treatment and support throughout your healthcare journey.

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Why Choose Our 24 Hour Medical Center and Maternity?

Choosing our clinic means selecting a trusted healthcare provider that prioritizes your well-being, offers comprehensive services, and delivers exceptional care.

Antenatal Ward

Our Antenatal Ward is designed to provide comprehensive care and support to expectant mothers during the crucial stages of pregnancy.

Neonatal Unit (NNU)

Our Neonatal Unit is a specialized facility dedicated to providing comprehensive care to newborn infants who require specialized medical attention.

Antenatal Clinic

Our Antenatal Unit is a specialized facility designed to provide comprehensive care and support to expectant mothers during the prenatal period.

Family Planning Clinic

Our Family Planning Clinic is dedicated to providing comprehensive reproductive health services and empowering individuals .

Labor and Delivery Room

Our Labor and Delivery Room is a state-of-the-art facility designed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the birthing experience.

Operating Theater

Our Maternity Operating Theater is a specialized facility designed to provide a safe and sterile environment for obstetric surgeries and procedures.


Our 911 Direct pharmacy is dedicated to providing convenient and timely access to essential medications and pharmaceutical services.

Recovery Room

Our Maternity Recovery Room is a comfortable and supportive space designed to provide postpartum care and recovery for new mothers.

Triage Unit & Day Assessment Unit

Our Triage Unit and Day Assessment Unit play a vital role in providing timely and efficient care to patients who require immediate medical attention

Our 911 Team

The best 24 hour medical center

We pride ourselves on being the best 24-hour medical center due to our unwavering commitment to providing round-the-clock care, experienced medical professionals, advanced technology, comprehensive services, and a patient-centered approach. With us, you can trust that your health is in capable hands, anytime you need us.

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